Tuesday, 30 July 2019

In a fresh update the family of Viral Savla has filed a petition and moved to the higher court in hope of justice.
What is the case about?
Kolhapur police  launched campaigned against Matka Mafia in May 2019.Police carried out raids in Maharashtra and Gujrat”s Kaccha area .Police arrested notorious bookie Jayesh Hiranji Savla  from Bhuj.
Kolhapur police arrested notorious bookie Salim Mullah and his wife Shama Mullah (Corporator from Kolhapur city ) and 39 bookies , during this raid Salim Mullah supporter attacked at police team after this incident police launched their campaign aggressively and after this police arrested Viral Savla and Jitendra alias Jitu Gosaliya.
Important Points :
Family Living under threat of underworld no action taken
Viral’s arrest put under MCOCA without  any connection with mulla.
False news since a year that he’s going to go in Macca
Video  on youtube were on since a year and their rivals manoj singh pankaj Gangar and Ashok Pawar did the planning.
False mentioning in the documents that he was picked from his site office he was taken from a brokers office to his office
No papers were shown nor did they leave an arrest Memo with local police station even when asked they haven’t done any arrest on Kalyan matka while their names there in the remands
Case is going on a clueless direction weather it’s about Salim mulla doing wrong or matka or about Viral Savla

Brief Facts before the Arrest of Jayesh Savla :
1 : Police claims they have arrested Jayesh Savla during a raid but the fact is very different .
He was not picked from a raid he was praying in his own house in Kutch with wife and wasn’t even taken to any Mejestrate in 24hrs of arrest he was produced before a court after 48hrs .
2 : Everyday medical’s weren’t done so that the marks of wounds disappear.
3 : Dysp says he won’t be relieved till 2 to 10 years
Mcoca needs 2 yrs Chargesheet pending or a case with mulla or a case in which he should be convicted for 3. Years none of which could be connected to him but if they found proofs related to matka he should have be filed with charges of gambling
4 :  They have sanction of 1 to 28 number but no further sanctions were taken their names were added
None were present at the time the incident took place
They have put all the charges of Salim mulla case on him
While this incident took place in Kolhapur he was in Mumbai with his  friend when the incident took place in Kolhapur.
Sections under which the charges are framed:
Section 109, 143, 147, 395, 149, 155, 307, 353, 332, 427 if IPC r/w section 4, 5 of Maharashtra Gambling Act r/w section 65(e) of Bombay Prohibition Act, r/w section 37(3), 135 of Bombay Police Act r/w 3(1) (i)(ii), 3(2), 3(4) and 3(5) of MCOC Act, 1999.
On the condition of Anonymity one of his family friend said , ” It’s illegal detention of Viral Savla he has no connection with the Matka bussiness he is profesional builder  the incident took place in Kolhapur he was in Mumbai , without giving any kind of notice or warrant Kolhapur police came to Mumbai and arrested him from his friend’s office which is totally wrong , police booked him under MOCCA which is not applicable on him he is not a gangster , we will appeal before the court against MOCCA , ”

Close family friend further alleged, Savla family already leaving under the pressure of underworld so many times they got Extortion call from International numbers ,also filed police complaint regarding this but no action was taken. We trust in Judiciary and we hope we will get justice .

Viral Savla case: Petition filed in higher court

Thursday, 20 June 2019

The Canvas, a specialized interior design cell was launched at the central business district of the city, Sofitel Mumbai, BKC with a dash of colour in its true art form.  The launch party was attended by the who’s who of real estate such as Mr. Anuj Puri from Anarock, Mr. Piyush Gandhi, Executive Director of JLL, Mr. Kushal Kundar, Director of CBRE, Ms. Puja Duttatarya, Associate Executive Director, CBRE, Mr. Raghvendra Prabhu, Director of Savills, Mr. Vinod Rohira, MD & CEO, Commercial Real Estate and REIT at K Raheja Corp, Mr. Vipul Gupta, Director, JLL, Mr. Choubal Vikram, Vice President at Marriott International,  Mr. Sanjay Sethi, MD & CEO, Chalet Hotels Ltd., among many others. The star attraction for the night was a special performance by actor, Boman Irani.
The event was hosted by Neha Sareen who kept the evening pulsating followed by a brief introduction of ‘The Canvas’ by none other than its brainchild, Ms. Sapna Khakharia, Director of The Canvas and by a stunning performance by the star attraction for the night, actor Boman Irani who kept the audience enthralled. The unveiling of ‘The Canvas’ was done in a very unique and artistic way where the guests who were present at the event turned into artists for that night and became an integral part of creating a masterpiece piece on an actual canvas which was displayed at the entrance. The guests were given brushes with different shades of colours to paint on the canvas and hidden logo of ‘The Canvas’ was unveiled on stage taking everyone by surprise.
Speaking on the launch, Ms. Sapna Khakharia, Director, The Canvas, commented, “It’s a very joyful and a proud moment for all us. Our vision of starting a specialized design cell has come true and I am grateful to all our team members. ‘The canvas’ is built on our legacy as creators of extraordinaire workspaces and we are delighted in unveiling our new identity as a specialized design cell. ‘The canvas’ will offer a complete spectrum of design solutions from architectural design to interior design across corporate, hospitality and residential.”
The deep-rooted culture of collaboration and free expression is the genesis of ‘The Canvas’. With a growing team of best minds in the industry and with the unmatched legacy, Canvas is set to become one of the leading design firms in the country.

‘The Canvas’, an ingenious interior design cell launched in Mumbai amidst the crème de la crème of real estate

Saturday, 25 May 2019

25th May 2019; Mumbai: With India becoming the focal point for the Fashion industry across the globe, doors have opened for young and aspiring Fashion designers to showcase their work on various platforms. As new fashion schools and colleges are opening up very frequently to provide a platform for budding designers, experts say this is just the beginning. “What fashion means to me: It's a way of getting creativity to life. Fashion talks itself, for example, people are judged by what they wear. It describes you. So the thought of standing out and being unique matters the most to me. Both my collections have aspects of fashion that are yet to be brought to the industry and the trend will last another decade. My collections are displayed at all social media @saraniofficial,” says a young and committed Saloni Hariyani. Below are the highlights from a candid conversation on young Indian designers, their aspirations and international exposure.

I was highly influenced by the craze of mix-matching my clothes which lead to further development. By the age of 12, I had already decided what I wanted to do with my life and it was fashion designing but only recently for two years I have been working in the field and making practical clothes. I was inspired to design clothing that people have never seen before. I want to make an impact on the industry. My family and best friend have played the role of the biggest support system in the world.

It’s the way you look at things, always have an open mind. If you have a different perspective from everyone you can work and transform fashion. I usually keep up with the latest shows all over the world and regularly read about style types that experienced and high-fashion designers share. This can help anyone who has a keen interest in the industry. I would always suggest to style not according to color but according to the thought of being unique. If you think what you wear is unique and not like the others go ahead and wear it. Make a difference because that's what fashion is all about. If you succeed in doing so, you could grow in no time in the industry.

Many designers have started to showcase their talents by the age of 18, but not all of them have succeeded. The major reason why? well, it's their technique of advertising and dealing with business in the industry. I have developed the brand page as an already running business, and I believe the best way to deal with situations in the industry is to have a strong perspective so no one competes with the way you think. Also, a few young designers have succeeded in doing so which has earned their brand a royalty image.

I have a direct plan for my business as I complete high school. Along with working on my undergraduate studies, CSR will jointly run a fully functional business providing the best of designs. I hope to make SARANI, my brand, reach a position of Label in this industry, known all around India and internationally.

Indian designers have started to build themselves a huge base on international platforms, being FalguniShanePeacock, my role models and mentors. They have been my inspiration as their work has played an important role internationally. Their designs have been worn by JLo and Beyonce for many music performances and Manushi Chillar at Miss world when she was crowned. This shows that Indian designers are equally at a stand in the fashion industry, and thriving for the biggest label in the world.

When I design, I keep in mind the features of things around me like nature, materials, and other things. I try to incorporate their features into my design to make something different. Currently, I am specialized in women’s wear but in one of my collections, I was able to include a futuristic men’s wear outfit. I believe I have a different style and I love to work with rich looking fabric and experiment and transform designs. I also love to add a touch of couture to all my designs. I am always in search of a new charm (NOUVELLE ALLURE). I also work a lot with transforming anything I see into fashion, for example, I see a pretty fish and use its features into my design. So basically, I have the ability to transform anything I see into an outfit.

I had the support of my school CVSL, to showcase my designs and I was given an opportunity to showcase my collection "50 Years hence" at an opening ceremony of an inter-school called SPANDAN (2017-18), people from different schools came to look at the collection. It was a collection showing the inspiration for future wear. I used lights and foil looking material in the dress. I had 12 outfits in a total of 11 female and one male. All the dresses were sewed by me. This till now has been one of my biggest achievements.

SARANI is founded by CSR (Hariyani Family), in 2019. It is a brand that is showcasing designs created by me. We have a total of two collections and have showcased at 2 fashion shows. SARANI works with high fashion and couture and tries to bring the best to the fashion industry and make a difference. Our inspiration for our designs is anything and everything around us, we are able to incorporate their designs into high fashion clothing. I aim to set up SARANI into a full grown brand and have the most unique designs and make a difference in the Fashion industry.


Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Pune, 22th May, 2019: Vmoot, a Pune based startup has recently launched India’s first debating and polling platform. Started with an aim to help the common man raise their voice, the Questions and Opinion (Q&O) platform can be used to post questions, either in the form of a debate or as an interactive poll. Users can discuss issues related to politics, city & local affairs, sports, entertainment, etc. with people who have similar interests and arrive at a particular opinion based on the discussion.
The startup connects users with common areas of interests indirectly providing a close-knit platform and prompt opinions globally. Users can also invite friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter to participate.

Commenting on the launch, Kunal Shelar, Founder & CEO, Vmoot says, “We came up with the idea of conceptualizing the brand after observing over the years, that the layout & functionality of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. don’t support debating. Furthermore, users on these platforms give opinions but the opinion doesn’t help in bringing the change. Majority of social media posts create miscommunication related to facts due to incorrect information"
He further adds, “To solve this issue, we have launched a platform where users will be able to see other people’s opinions in one glance, contradict or support their view, get valuable feedback & suggestions and create a final opinion basis major common consensus.”
Unique features have been incorporated in the app to make the platform interactive yet to the point. Voice notes allow users to post their opinions and questions by recording their voice rather than typing hence giving a personal touch and participation of all kinds of users. Users can create new topics if they are not available and start debating on those topics. The platform frequently monitors Opinions and Questions, hence if there is any abusive content or an opinion that’s not related to the debate, it can be reported.

Vmoot also supports private and anonymous debating which can help private and public organizations get honest and valuable feedback. The results of the discussions in the form of debate or poll can be shared by tagging the concerned authorities in Social Media posts or on their Social Media Pages/handle.

Vmoot launches India’s first Debating & Polling platform